Multiple refill card


A multiple refill card is supplied in all EŽYS packages. If you want to refill your account, just give the seller your multiple refill card and the amount by which you want to refill your account. You may do this in all sales outlet marked with EŽYS sign. The seller will scan the barcode and your account will be refilled right away!

You will find a barcode necessary for the refill also in EŽYS applications, in section EŽYS VIZA of your account. This code will be simply scanned from the phone screen in a number of stores, whereas in others you may dictate to the seller the code visible on the screen and refill your account right away.

Download EŽYS application from the application store „Google Play“ or „App Store“.

You will be informed about the refill of your account by SMS message.

A refill of EUR 1.00 extends validity of the account for 30 days (EUR 1.00 – 30 days, EUR 3.00 – 90 days); however the total period of validity of your account may not be longer than 100 days.

This is safe, convenient and simple:

  • The smallest refill amount – EUR 1.00;

  • You may refill your account with any amount to the accuracy of EUR (EUR 1.00; EUR 2.00, etc.);

  • There is no need to call or dial any secret codes or phone numbers;

  • Your account may be refilled by friends or family members;

  • If you lose a multiple refill card, you may acquire it in any Telia store.


If you use EŽYS card for the first time, remember:

  • Make sure that the barcode of the multiple payment card coincides with the last 11 digits of your SIM card number. The SIM card number is printed on the SIM card.  
  • You may refill your account only with prior activation of the card.