Refill codes


What is the refill of EŽYS with a code?

This is a possibility to refill an account upon acquiring:

  • an electronic code that is printed on the cash receipt by the seller. Possible amount of refill: EUR 2.00; EUR 3.00; EUR 5.00; EUR 6.00; EUR 10.00; EUR 15.00; EUR 30.00.
  •  You will find a refill code upon acquiring a single refill card beneath the scratch-off layer. Possible amounts of refill: EUR 3.00, EUR 5.00.

How to refill an account with a code?

  • By SMS message, sending the received 16-digit code by number 1544 (free).
  • Call number 1544, choose the branch “account refill” (free) and enter the received code.


You will be informed about the refill of your account by SMS message.

For each refilled EUR 1.00, validity of your account will be extended for 30 days, i.e. EUR 1.00 – 30 days, EUR 3.00 – 90 days, however the total period of validity of your account may not be longer than 100 days.

Advantages of the refill with codes:

  • a refill card may be acquired, whereas an account may be refilled later;

  • a refill may be donated to another EŽYS customer;

  • you may refill an account if you no longer have a multiple refill card;

  • EŽYS may be refilled in a number of sales outlets!