Cookies – what are they? 


Cookies are used on EŽYS website. They are small files sent to your browser and stored in the hard disc of your computer.

When you first visit a webpage, cookies are transferred into your computer and are later used to identify it. It may sound strange, but it is a usual practice on websites, which facilitates browsing on the webpage you once visited already. When using cookies, website hits are automatically recorded: information about the number of visitors, information that is most frequently read, etc. It helps us to understand how you and other visitors use the webpage, besides it gives us an opportunity to improve our services and make accessibility of the information easier.

Most browsers accept cookies, which help to improve website use experience. If you still do not wish to accept cookies, you can change your browser settings accordingly. In that event, certain functions of the EŽYS website will not work.


What cookies are used on the EŽYS website?



PHPSESSID It is used to support user's session. Until the browser is closed.
closed_announcements It is used to save information about the user's closed announcements. One year.
new_chat_notif It is used to save information about the closed block of 'Ask Ežys online' announcement. One year.
cn_hidden It is used to save information about hidden announcement of the use of cookies. One year.