Service Price until 14.06.2018 Price from 15.06.2018
Outgoing calls Rate in Lithuania* + 0,02105 EUR/min. Rate in Lithuania* + 0,012 EUR/min.
Incoming call 0,01137 EUR/min.  0,006 EUR/min.
SMS message Rate in Lithuania Rate in Lithuania



If you have turned on roaming, from 15 June 2017 the plan available to you or standard rates will be valid in EU/EEA countries.

If you have a plan or promotions with the benefits of minutes or SMS in Lithuania, you will be able to use these benefits also in EU/EEA/ countries. The minutes used will be billed only by adding an additional fee (EUR 0.02105 / min.).

*If you use the standard rates in Lithuania, after departure to EU/EEA countries your calls will be billed according to the same standard rate valid in Lithuania by adding an additional fee (EUR 0.15000 + EUR 0.02105 / min.). If promotions of rates are valid, other than the standard rates may also be applied.

The right to apply an additional fee was granted by the Communications Regulatory Authority.

We hereby remind that EŽYS users do not have an option of using the mobile internet abroad.


Standard tariffs of calls and SMS to EU countries will be changed from 2019.05.15. You can find them here.


If you go to any EU/EEA country and have not turned world-wide roaming yet, use self-service or send an SMS message (instructions are on the left) and turn on roaming. When you receive a confirmation SMS, the plan available to you or standard rates for calls and SMS will also be valid in the EU/EEA. You will be able to use the benefits of minutes and SMS messages or standard rates in all EUR/EEA countries.



If you want to check the rates when being abroad, call the free number +370 698 51000.

Prices of rates by country

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Answered call price {{roaming_answer}} EUR/min.
Local calls {{roaming_local_calls}} EUR/min.
Calls to Lithuania {{roaming_to_lithuania_call}} EUR/min.
Calls to EU and EEA countries {{roaming_to_eu_call}} EUR/min.
Calls to other countries (not EU and EEA) {{roaming_to_other_call}} EUR/min.
SMS price to EU and EEA countries {{roaming_sms_eu}} EUR/SMS
SMS price to other countries (not EU and EEA) {{roaming_sms_other}} EUR/SMS
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Call price from Lithuania {{to_country_call}} EUR/min.
SMS price {{to_country_sms}} EUR/SMS


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