Service Price
Calls in the mobile “Telia” and EŽYS network 0,0608 EUR/min.
Calls to other networks in Lithuania 0,14 EUR/min.
Video calls to all networks in Lithuania 0,14 EUR/min.
SMS to all Lithuanian networks 0,0319 EUR/SMS
MMS to all networks in Lithuania 0,03 EUR/MMS
Mobile internet 0,26 EUR/10 MB*


If you have not ordered any EŽYS plan or used up benefits of the available plan or promotion, the following standard rates will apply for you.
Calls are rounded to the nearest minute to the bigger side.

* If you do not have an internet plan, the internet will cost you at the standard rate EUR 0.26 for 10 MB. Starting to use the internet, EUR 0.26 will be debited from the account and 10 MB per day will be granted (until 23:59 of the current day). If you use up 10 MB before the expiry of the day and keep on browsing the internet, another 10 MB will be granted to you for EUR 0.26 that are valid until the end of that day, etc.